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July 2010 DVD Releases

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Day Title Retail Price
6th Absolute Zero $6.99 
6th Absolute Zero / Disaster Zone (Double Feature) $6.99 
6th Acts: Acts of the Apostles (Music CD +) $21.95 
6th America at War $7.99 
6th Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust in Arab $24.99 
6th Another Woman's Husband (Full Screen) $6.99 
6th Autumn $6.99 
6th Bakugan: Chapter 2 $19.97 
6th Battle League Horumo (Widescreen) $24.92 
6th Battle Planet / Riddler's Moon (Double Feature) $6.99 
6th Benise: The Spanish Guitar $24.99 
6th Betrayed: A Story Of Three Women (Full Screen) $6.99 
6th The Beverly Hillbillies Collection (Set) $15.99 
6th Biography: Edgar Allan Poe $24.98 
6th Bitten (Widescreen) $14.93 
6th Brooklyn's Finest $14.98 
6th Brooklyn's Finest $19.99 
6th Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin $24.95 
6th Chuck Norris / Charles Bronson Collectors Set (Set) $9.99 
6th Classic Cartoons Collectors Set Volume 2 (Set) $9.99 
6th The Cold Equations $6.99 
6th Crash Course $6.99 
6th Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story $6.99 
6th Deported $6.99 
6th Disaster Zone: Volcano In New York City $6.99 
6th Doc Martin: Series 4 $39.99 
6th Dr. Giggles / Otis (Double Feature) $19.98 
6th Dr. Who: The Horns Of Nimon $24.98 
6th Dr. Who: The Space Museum / The Chase (Double Feature) $49.98 
6th Dr. Who: Underworld $24.98 
6th Dragnet 1968: Season 2 $44.99 
6th Emily of New Moon: The Complete Fourth Season $14.99 
6th Emily of New Moon: The Complete Series $39.99 
6th Emily of New Moon: The Complete Third Season $14.99 
6th ER: The Complete Thirteenth Season $29.98 
6th Erotic Secrets $19.98 
6th Eyeborgs $9.98 
6th Eyeborgs $17.97 
6th Family Of Spies $6.99 
6th From The Dead Of Night (Full Screen) $6.99 
6th Funny Farm / Spies Like Us (Double Feature) $14.98 
6th The Game: The Third Season $23.95 
6th Get Smart: Seasons 3-4 (Side-By-Side) $27.92 
6th The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Widescreen) $14.95 
6th The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo $19.95 
6th Girls Gone Wild: Extreme Sex 2 $9.95 
6th God of Vampires $16.99 
6th The Gold Retrievers (Rental) $14.98 
6th The Good Fight $6.99 
6th The Haunting Of Lisa $6.99 
6th Hidden In Silence $6.99 
6th A Hobo's Christmas $6.99 
6th Hopalong Cassidy Collectors Set $9.99 
6th Horror Collectors Set Volume 7 (Set) $9.99 
6th How Stella Got Her Groove Back (New Packaging) $9.98 
6th Huckle: Zooming Around Busytown / Mysterious Mysteries of Bu (Double Feature) $12.99 
6th The Impossible Elephant $6.99 
6th The Interrogation of Michael Crow $6.99 
6th Into the Deep: America, Whaling and the World $24.99 
6th Into the Deep: America, Whaling and the World $29.99 
6th JFK: Reckless Youth $6.99 
6th John Wayne / Over The Hill Gang (Set) $9.99 
6th John Wayne Collection (Set) $15.99 
6th John Wayne: Great American Legend (Set) $7.99 
6th Killer Deal / Cyberstalking (Double Feature) $6.99 
6th Last Boy Scout / Last Man Standing (Double Feature) $14.98 
6th Leapfrog: Let's Go To School / Talking Words Factory (Double Feature) $14.98 
6th Leapfrog: Math Adventure To The Moon / Letter Factory (Double Feature) $19.98 
6th Life on Mars (UK Version): The Complete Series (Set) $79.99 
6th A Long Way Home $6.99 
6th Lost Souls / Marked (Double Feature) $6.99 
6th Love & Other Disasters $17.97 
6th Love For Sale (Alternate Box Art) $14.98 
6th Lucky Day $6.99 
6th Lucy Show (Set) $15.99 
6th Mushishi Collection 2 (Boxed Set) $39.98 
6th National Geographic: Dinosaurs Decoded (Widescreen) $19.97 
6th One Piece Season 3: First Voyage $49.98 
6th Over the Hill Gang Collection (Set) $9.99 
6th Phoenix Mars Mission: Onto The Ice $24.99 
6th Pratical Magic / Witches of Eastwick (Double Feature) $19.98 
6th The Rendering (Full Screen) $6.99 
6th Return To Lonesome Dove $6.95 
6th Rhoda: Season 3 $29.93 
6th The Ron Clark Story $6.99 
6th The Science of Healing with Dr. Esther Sternberg $24.99 
6th Secrets of Love $24.99 
6th A Sense of Wonder $24.99 
6th Sesame Street: Preschool is Cool ABCs with Elmo $14.98 
6th Sex Stories $24.99 
6th Sixgun (Widescreen) $19.98 
6th Slayers: Seasons 1-3 (Boxed Set) $59.98 
6th The Sophisticated Misfit $24.95 
6th Squidbillies: Volume 3 $19.97 
6th Steve Byrne: The Byrne Identity $17.97 
6th Steve Byrne: The Byrne Identity $14.98 
6th Survivor / 30 Years To Life (Double Feature) $6.99 
6th Thrillers Collectors Set Volume 3 (Set) $9.99 
6th Touching Evil: The Complete Collection (Set) $59.99 
6th Ultimate Conditioning Volume 1: Striker Fighting Workout $29.99 
6th Ultimate Conditioning Volume 2: Ground Fighting Workout $29.99 
6th Ultimate Conditioning Volume 3: Kicker's Fighting Workout $29.99 
6th Visions Of Murder $6.99 
6th Westbrick Murders $6.99 
9th Alice: Companion Set (2-Disc Edition) $29.95 
13th 1984 Los Angeles Comedy Competition with Host Jay Leno $14.98 
13th 2:37 (Widescreen) $24.98 
13th 42nd Street Pete's Wild Nude & Natural $19.98 
13th 7 Dias (Widescreen) $14.98 
13th 8: The Mormon Proposition (Widescreen) $24.95 
13th Aegri Somnia $9.95 
13th Alaska State Troopers: Season 1 $22.97 
13th Alpha Dog $14.98 
13th America the Beautiful $19.98 
13th Amor Letra Por Letra (Spanish) $14.98 
13th Aquarium Impressions $14.98 
13th Artois the Goat $24.95 
13th Assault on Precinct 13 $14.98 
13th The Backyardigans: Operation Elephant Drop $9.99 
13th Black Angels $19.98 
13th Black Cat Collection 2 (Boxed Set) $39.98 
13th Body/Antibody (Widescreen) $24.98 
13th The Bounty Hunter $14.99 
13th Brian Setzer Orchestra: Don't Mess with a Big Band $19.98 
13th Caught in the Crossfire (Widescreen) $14.98 
13th Caught in the Crossfire $14.99 
13th Come Together $24.99 
13th Crush $9.99 
13th Diary of a Nymphomaniac (Widescreen) $24.98 
13th Don't You Forget About Me $19.99 
13th En Nombre Del Amor (Spanish) $14.93 
13th Feeding The Masses Horror Collection (Set) $14.98 
13th Fireplace Impressions $14.98 
13th Following Her Heart / Windchimes (Double Feature) $6.99 
13th Gabriel Iglesias: Hot & Fluffy $17.97 
13th Girl by the Lake (Widescreen) $24.98 
13th God's Office (Widescreen) $24.98 
13th The Greatest $14.98 
13th The Greatest (Widescreen) $9.98 
13th Greenberg $14.98 
13th Greenberg (Spotlight Series) $14.98 
13th Here & There (Widescreen) $14.98 
13th Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger $26.95 
13th Hit Parade $29.95 
13th Holly (Widescreen) $19.98 
13th How to Make Love to a Woman $14.98 
13th How to Make Love to a Woman (Widescreen) $9.98 
13th In Bruges $14.98 
13th Insomnia (Movie Cash +) $14.98 
13th Japanese Wife (Widescreen) $19.98 
13th Killer Car (Widescreen) $19.98 
13th Lil Wayne: Rebirth Video $14.98 
13th Love Chronicles: Secrets Revealed $6.95 
13th Magikano: The Complete Series $19.98 
13th Maria Watches Over Us: 4th Season $49.99 
13th Martin: The Complete Third Season (New Packaging) $19.97 
13th Middle of Nowhere $17.97 
13th Middle of Nowhere $14.98 
13th The Mission: The Final Chapter $29.99 
13th My Year Without Sex $19.99 
13th Mystery Science Theater 3000 XVIII $59.97 
13th Nick Jr. Favorites: The First Day of School $14.99 
13th Only Son / There was a Father (Criterion Collection) $39.95 
13th Our Family Wedding $11.99 
13th The Outback $14.98 
13th Parasomnia (Widescreen) $9.98 
13th Parasomnia $14.98 
13th Petticoat Junction $7.99 
13th Petticoat Junction: Volume 2 $3.99 
13th Pornography: A Thriller (Widescreen) $14.95 
13th Radiant $9.95 
13th Romeo X Juliet: The Complete Series (Set) $59.98 
13th Saint John of Las Vegas (Widescreen) $19.93 
13th Saving Grace: The Final Season $19.98 
13th Saving Marriage $19.98 
13th Scream Girls (Widescreen) $19.98 
13th Selling Hitler $39.99 
13th Shark Week: Jaws of Steel Collection $19.98 
13th Sodom: Lords of Depravity Part 2 $19.99 
13th Street Hawk: The Complete Series $39.97 
13th The Super Hero Squad Show: Volume One $6.95 
13th Supranova (Widescreen) $24.98 
13th SWAT Workout Collection (Set) $29.98 
13th Tengers (Widescreen) $19.98 
13th Terribly Happy $14.99 
13th Thomas & Friends: Creaky Cranky $14.98 
13th Touching Wild Horses / Every Second Counts (Double Feature) $9.98 
13th UFC 113 (Widescreen) $19.97 
13th Venice Revealed (Widescreen) $39.99 
13th Vivere (Widescreen) $24.98 
13th White Collar: The Complete First Season $39.99 
13th White Collar: The Complete First Season $19.98 
13th Wildfire: The Arabian Heart (Widescreen) $9.98 
13th Wishbone Ash: 40th Anniversary Concert Live In London $16.99 
13th World War I in Color $59.99 
13th Zift (Widescreen) $24.98 
19th Little Voices: The Life of Jesus Christ $9.99 
20th 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (R Rated Version) $9.98 
20th 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (Unrated) $9.98 
20th Aut-erobics $24.98 
20th Barking Dogs Never Bite (Widescreen) $13.97 
20th Being Human: Season 1 $39.98 
20th Being Human: Season 1 $34.98 
20th Black Narcissus (Criterion Collection) $39.95 
20th Black Narcissus (Criterion Collection) $29.95 
20th The Bong Joon-Ho Collection $39.98 
20th Cats & Dogs (Movie Cash +) $14.98 
20th Cop Out (Special Edition) $14.97 
20th Cop Out $5.97 
20th Courage the Cowardly Dog: Season One $24.98 
20th Desperate Romantics $29.98 
20th Elaine Paige Live $24.99 
20th Entre Nos (Spanish) $24.95 
20th Evil Aliens $14.98 
20th Forbidden World $19.93 
20th Forbidden World $26.97 
20th Frontline: College Inc. $24.99 
20th Frontline: The Wounded Platoon $24.99 
20th Galaxy Of Terror $19.93 
20th Galaxy Of Terror $26.97 
20th Ground War: The Evolution of the Battlefield $24.99 
20th Horse Crazy Too $14.99 
20th I Do & I Don't $9.99 
20th Jackson Browne: Going Home $9.99 
20th Jersey Shore: Season One Uncensored $14.99 
20th Just Another Day $14.98 
20th Just Another Day $17.97 
20th Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny $14.98 
20th Look Around You: Season One (Widescreen) $24.98 
20th The Losers (Widescreen) $5.97 
20th The Losers $14.97 
20th Maria De Todos Los Angeles (Spanish) $6.95 
20th May 18 $19.99 
20th Mother $16.98 
20th Mother (Widescreen) $13.97 
20th My Boys: The Complete Second & Third Season $19.99 
20th My Bride is a Mermaid: Season 1, Part 1 $49.98 
20th The New Recruits $24.99 
20th Ninja's Creed (Widescreen) $19.98 
20th NOVA: Mt. St. Helens Back from the Dead $24.99 
20th The Outside $9.99 
20th A Place Out of Time: The Bordentown School $24.99 
20th The Professional (Widescreen) $14.98 
20th The Red Shoes (Criterion Collection) $39.95 
20th The Red Shoes (Criterion Collection) $39.95 
20th Rin Daughter of Mnemosyne: The Complete Series $59.98 
20th Shuffle Collection (Boxed Set) $49.98 
20th Superfriends: Season 1, Volume 2 $26.99 
20th Susan Hyatt: Rockstar Workout $19.99 
20th Sutures $24.95 
20th A Town Called Panic (Subtitled) $29.99 
20th Ultimate Heist $9.99 
20th Vicente Fernandez: Un Mexicano En La Mexico (Spanish) $13.98 
20th The Wronged Man (Widescreen) $14.99 
20th Yoga Evolution $19.95 
27th #1 Cheerleader Camp (Unrated) $24.95 
27th 21 Jump Street: The Complete Series (Set) $69.98 
27th Acceptance (Widescreen) $14.93 
27th Accidents Happen $14.98 
27th Accidents Happen $17.97 
27th The Agatha Christie Hour: Set 1 $39.99 
27th Altamont Now $24.95 
27th Amy Bento: Kickbox Surge & Core Training $19.99 
27th Appointment with Danger $24.95 
27th The Art of the Steal (Widescreen) $24.98 
27th Astronome: A Night at the Opera (Widescreen) $29.99 
27th The Australian Story $14.93 
27th Batman Animated Series: The Last Laugh $5.98 
27th Batman Animated Series: The Legend Begins $5.98 
27th Batman: Under the Red Hood (Special Edition) $29.99 
27th Batman: Under the Red Hood $19.98 
27th Batman: Under the Red Hood (Special Edition) $24.98 
27th Battlestar Galactica: Season Three $49.98 
27th Be Easy $9.95 
27th Belly (Special Edition) $14.98 
27th Bernstein's Mahler $29.98 
27th Best of the Fest $29.95 
27th Birds of Norfolk: A Bird Watcher's Dream $19.95 
27th Blessed & Cursed $14.95 
27th Bloodbath in the House of Knives $7.98 
27th British Rail Journeys: Central Highlands $14.95 
27th The Builder $22.95 
27th Busytown Mysteries: Biggest Mysteries Ever $9.98 
27th Busytown Mysteries: You & Me Solve a Mystery $14.98 
27th Cezanne: Three Colors $19.99 
27th Change of Life $29.95 
27th China 9, Liberty 37 $7.98 
27th Chow Down $9.99 
27th Clash of the Titans (Widescreen) $5.97 
27th Clash of the Titans $19.98 
27th Cliff Richard: Rare & Unseen $14.95 
27th Cody Black $9.95 
27th Colors of Curacao: Ava & Gabriel Love Story / Papa's Song $29.95 
27th Combat Aircraft $24.95 
27th Crack In The World $24.95 
27th Crime Inc.: History's Famed Offenders $9.98 
27th Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon $19.99 
27th Dark City $24.95 
27th The Dawn of War: Early Battles of WWII $9.98 
27th Deadly Shift (Widescreen) $19.98 
27th Desert Command $7.98 
27th Dragon Ball: Season 5 $34.98 
27th Edouard Manet $19.99 
27th Egypt Exposed: True Origins of Civilzation $19.95 
27th Egypt Uncovered: Complete Ancient Epic $29.99 
27th Emerson Lake & Palmer: Pictures at an Exhibition (Special Edition) $9.99 
27th Everything You Wanted To Know About Gay Porn Stars (Widescreen) $24.98 
27th Eyes of Me $19.95 
27th Fanboys $14.95 
27th G.I. Joe: The Movie (Special Edition) $26.97 
27th G.I. Joe: The Movie (Special Edition) $14.97 
27th The Girl in the Blue $19.95 
27th The Girl-Getters $19.93 
27th Glaring Emission (Widescreen) $19.98 
27th Gotta Have Gospel $12.98 
27th Great Epochs of European Art: Art of the 19th Century & 20th $24.99 
27th Guernica Tree $29.98 
27th Hannie Caulder $24.95 
27th Horseland: The Greatest Stable Ever $9.98 
27th Hunter: The Complete Series $99.98 
27th Huxley On Huxley $29.95 
27th I Need That Record: The Death (Or Possible Survival) of the $14.95 
27th Instant Star: Season Four $19.99 
27th Ip Man $19.98 
27th Ip Man $26.98 
27th Ip Man (Collector's Edition) $32.98 
27th Ip Man (Collector's Edition) $24.98 
27th Jesse Stone: No Remorse (Widescreen) $14.99 
27th Joan Mitchell: Portrait of an Abstract Painter $29.95 
27th The Job (Widescreen) $13.97 
27th Joe: Live from Japan $9.98 
27th Johnny Handsome $14.99 
27th K.Y.E. $9.95 
27th Katia Kabanova-Janacek $29.99 
27th Lesbian Vampire Lovers Collection (Set) $24.98 
27th Life with Elizabeth Volume 3 $7.98 
27th Life with Elizabeth Volume 4 $7.98 
27th Lock Up $9.99 
27th Loos Ornamental (Subtitled) $39.95 
27th Love Hina Collection (Boxed Set) $39.98 
27th Max's Chocolate Chicken $14.95 
27th Memory of Water (Subtitled) $19.95 
27th The Missing Lynx (DVD +) $29.99 
27th Mona the Vampire: Show Us Your Fangs $9.98 
27th Moodafaruka & Friends: The One World Festival $9.95 
27th The Mothers-in-Law: The Complete Series $39.98 
27th Neighbor (Director's Cut) $14.98 
27th The New Adventures of Nanoboy $9.98 
27th Noisy Nora $14.95 
27th The Only Way $14.93 
27th Operation: Endgame $19.99 
27th Operation: Endgame (Widescreen) $14.98 
27th Peter & The Wolf & L'Enfant Et Les Sortileges: Ballet $29.99 
27th Peter Pan & Jm Barrie: Boys Who Wouldn't Grow Up $14.95 
27th Philly Hoops: The SPHAS and Warriors $7.98 
27th Poet's Guide to Britiain $24.99 
27th Presenting Sacha Guitry (Eclipse Series) $59.95 
27th Prime Time / Flaming Teenage (Double Feature) $7.98 
27th Prime Time Crime: Stephen J. Cannell Collection (Set) $29.98 
27th The Prowler $19.98 
27th Puppet Master: Axis of Evil $12.95 
27th Railroads: Tracks Across America $9.98 
27th Rain $14.98 
27th Rambo (Extended Cut) $14.99 
27th Rambo: The Complete Collection (Set) $44.99 
27th Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis $14.98 
27th Red Vs Blue: Reconstruction, Season 6 $19.95 
27th Repo Men (Unrated) $9.99 
27th Repo Men (Unrated) $14.98 
27th Richard Scarry: Everyday There's Something New $14.98 
27th Richard Scarry: It's A Busy Busy Day $9.98 
27th Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band: Live At The Greek Theatre $14.98 
27th Rolling Stones: 1969-1974 Mick Taylor Years $19.95 
27th The Rosemary Wells Collection Featuring Max & Ruby $19.95 
27th Scooby-Doo Where Are You? Volumes 1-3 $19.98 
27th Secret of the Grain (Criterion Collection) $39.95 
27th Secret of the Grain (Criterion Collection) $39.95 
27th Sex and the USA $24.99 
27th Sgt. Bilko, The Phil Silvers Show: The First Season $39.99 
27th Skateboard $19.95 
27th Snake $19.98 
27th Soul Eater: Part 4 $59.98 
27th The Specials: 30th Anniversary Tour 2009 $16.95 
27th Spinnin' (Widescreen) $24.99 
27th Spring Break Models Uncut $14.95 
27th Super Duper Sumos: They've Got Guts $9.98 
27th Tonya Larson: Step Surge Workout $19.99 
27th Trouble in the Sky $19.93 
27th Un Brillante Proposito (Widescreen) $19.98 
27th The Uninvited (Widescreen) $24.98 
27th Union Station $24.95 
27th Urban Demographic $9.95 
27th Us: Let Them Be Second Chapter $13.95 
27th Various Artists: Britten-Pears Collection $59.98 
27th Victory By Air: A History Of The Aerial Assault Vehicle $9.98 
27th Vincere (Widescreen) $24.98 
27th Viva Castro (Subtitled) $19.95 
27th Wagner: Tristan Und Isolde $29.99 
27th We Fun: Atlanta, GA Inside/Out $9.95 
27th Welcome to Earth $4.95 
27th Wimzie's House: World of Enchantment $9.98 
27th World of Quest: The Quest Begins $9.98 
27th Youth of Chopin (Subtitled) $29.95 
28th Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVI $59.97 

Bold titles indicate prominent releases

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