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December 2007 DVD Releases

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Day Title Retail Price
3rd Heat (Special Edition) $20.97 
4th 20 Million Miles To Earth (50th Anniversary Edition) $19.99 
4th 7th Heaven: The Fifth Season $39.99 
4th Ab-solutely Fabulous Abs $9.98 
4th Adventures of Kit Carson: Volumes 1-11 $83.39 
4th Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet: Volumes 1-5 $37.91 
4th Adventures of Robin Hood: Volumes 1-15 $113.72 
4th African Footprint $24.99 
4th American Punks $14.98 
4th Basilisk Volume 3: Parting of Ways $19.98 
4th Basilisk Volume 4: Tokaido Road $19.98 
4th Battlestar Galactica: Razor (Extended Edition) $12.98 
4th Battling with Buffalo Bill $14.93 
4th Baywatch Beach Body Workout with Lauren Jones $14.98 
4th Bernadette Of Lourdes $14.93 
4th The Best of Crank Yankers Uncensored $19.99 
4th Beverly Hillbillies: Volume 3 $7.98 
4th Bizarre Cartoons of the Past $7.98 
4th Bonanza Six Shooter $14.98 
4th Cannibal Lunch Box Triple Feature (Triple Feature) $19.98 
4th Car Babes $24.97 
4th Cast Away $14.99 
4th Cavalier Of The West $7.98 
4th A Christmas Too Many (Widescreen) $14.98 
4th McCoy T Double Feature: Code of the Cactus / Outlaw's Paradi (Double Feature) $7.98 
4th Come On, Tarzan $7.98 
4th Cowboy Cardio $9.98 
4th Curious George: Plays In The Snow $14.98 
4th Czech Dream $14.95 
4th Dance Off the Inches: Hop Hop Party $14.98 
4th Dark Mind (Widescreen) $6.99 
4th Desert Gold $7.98 
4th Desert Punk Volume 5: Under the Desert $19.98 
4th Desert Punk Volume 6: Death of the Desert $19.98 
4th Digging For Dinosaurs $14.98 
4th Doctor At Large $24.95 
4th Doctor In Clover $24.95 
4th Doctor In Love $24.95 
4th Doctor In Trouble $24.95 
4th The Doll That Took The Town $7.98 
4th Dusty's Trail: Volumes 1-3 (Set) $22.74 
4th East Side Story (Widescreen) $14.95 
4th El Charro Negro Vs. La Banda De Los Cuervos (Full Screen) $7.98 
4th Element Mind & Body Experience: Ballet Conditioning $14.98 
4th Element Mind & Body Experience: Yoga For Beginners $14.98 
4th Elton John 60: Live At Madison Square Garden $24.99 
4th Exiled (Widescreen) $14.98 
4th Extreme Action Pack (Set) $14.98 
4th The Firm: Cardio Inferno $14.98 
4th The Ford at Fox Collection: Essential (Set) $49.98 
4th Ford at Fox: John Ford's American Comedies (Set) $49.98 
4th Ford at Fox: Silent Epics (Set) $49.98 
4th Frank Gambale: Acoustic Improvisation $29.95 
4th Fred Eaglesmith: Live Below Sea Level $19.95 
4th The Girl Next Door $9.98 
4th Gods of Times Square $16.95 
4th Grafters: The Second Season $29.98 
4th The Grapes Of Wrath $19.98 
4th Grayson Arms (Widescreen) $9.98 
4th Grupo Bryndis: Linea De Oro En Volume 2 $7.98 
4th Grupo Montez De Dura: Linea De Oro En $7.98 
4th Guerrilla Salvaje (Full Screen) $7.98 
4th Harlem Double Feature: Moon Over Harlem / Swing (Double Feature) $7.98 
4th Hip Hop For Weight Loss $9.98 
4th The History of Indiana University Basketball $19.98 
4th The History of University of Kentucky Basketball $19.98 
4th Hot Shots / Hot Shots Part Deux (Double Feature) $10.98 
4th How Much Do You Love Me? $27.99 
4th Hype 2007: Part 1 $14.95 
4th Hype 2007: Part 2 $14.95 
4th I Married Joan: Volumes 1-3 (Set) $22.74 
4th Ingmar Bergman: Four Masterworks (Set) $99.95 
4th Introduction To Polynesian Bellydance With Tumata $14.99 
4th The Iron Horse $14.98 
4th Jandek: Glasgow Monday $19.95 
4th Jerry Lee Lewis: Killer Piano $29.95 
4th Jurrasic Park: Explorer $19.99 
4th The Kid $19.98 
4th The Killer Snakes (Special Edition) $19.99 
4th King Solomon's Treasure $7.98 
4th La Gran Aventura Del Zorro (Full Screen) $7.98 
4th Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: The Fourth Year $39.98 
4th Let's Get Laid $24.95 
4th Live-In Maid $26.98 
4th Lone Ranger: Volumes 1-3 (Set) $22.74 
4th Brown Johnny Mack Double Feature: Lone Star Trail / Crooked (Double Feature) $7.98 
4th Loretta Young's The Road to Lourdes $14.93 
4th Lost Universe Collection (Set) $49.99 
4th Love's Unending Legacy $9.98 
4th The Master Touch $7.98 
4th Meet Corliss Archier: Volumes 1-3 $22.74 
4th WWII: World at War Double Feature: Memphis Belle / Thunderbo (Double Feature) $7.98 
4th Midnight Clear (Full Screen) $14.98 
4th Midori Collection $24.98 
4th Miguel Bose: Papitour (Music CD +) $26.98 
4th Mr. & Mrs. North: Volumes 1-8 (Set) $60.65 
4th Mr. and Mrs. Smith $14.99 
4th Mushishi Volume 4 $29.98 
4th My Boys Are Good Boys $7.98 
4th Naked Boys Singing $14.99 
4th The Nanny Diaries (Widescreen) $6.95 
4th Naruto Box Set Volume 5 (Special Edition) $69.97 
4th Nelly Furtado: Loose The Concert $19.99 
4th New Street Law: The Complete First Season $39.98 
4th NFL Greatest Games Series: Baltimore Ravens 2000 Playoffs $20.99 
4th NFL Greatest Games Series: Cleveland Browns $20.99 
4th NFL Greatest Games Series: Philadelphia Eagles 1980 NFC Cham $6.95 
4th NFL Greatest Games Series: St. Louis Rams 1999 Playoffs $20.99 
4th NFL Greatest Games: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2002 Playoffs $20.99 
4th O Samba $19.98 
4th Golden Age Classics: Of Human Bondage / Treasure Island (Double Feature) $7.98 
4th Paul Oakenfold: Oakenfold 24-7 $21.99 
4th Peter Puck: How To Play The Game $9.99 
4th Phoenix Volume 2 of 3: Eternal Recurrence $19.98 
4th Pilgrimage / Born Reckless (Double Feature) $19.98 
4th Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End $14.99 
4th The Prisoner Of Shark Island (Full Screen) $19.98 
4th Hillbilly Double Feature: Private Snuffy Smith / I'm From Ar (Double Feature) $7.98 
4th Public Defender: Volumes 1-3 $22.74 
4th The Quiet One $7.98 
4th Racket Squad: Volumes 1-3 (Set) $22.74 
4th Ragnarok Volume 1 $29.98 
4th Range Busters / Thunder River Feud (Double Feature) $7.98 
4th Rufus Wainwright: Rufus Does Judy At Carnegie Hall $26.98 
4th Samurai 7 Volume 7 $19.98 
4th Santo Subito $14.98 
4th Saturday Night Live: The Complete Second Season $39.98 
4th Scissor Sisters: Hurrah - Year Of Ta-Dah (Music CD +) $19.98 
4th Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen $14.99 
4th Sexual Confessions (Double Feature) $14.98 
4th Sheena Queen Of The Jungle: Volume 3 $7.98 
4th The Steve Martin 3-Disc Collection $19.98 
4th Street Fighter Alpha 2 $29.97 
4th Super Comet: After the Impact $14.98 
4th Superbad (Unrated Special Edition) $19.99 
4th Superbad (Theatrical Version) $14.99 
4th Superbad (Unrated) $14.99 
4th That Certain Thing $19.95 
4th They Called Him Bulldozer $24.95 
4th Third-Girl with the Blue Eye Volume 3: Gravestone (Limited Edition) $34.99 
4th Third-Girl with the Blue Eye Volume 3: Gravestone $24.99 
4th Three Bad Men / Hangman's House (Double Feature) $19.98 
4th Tom & Jerry Tales: Volume 3 $12.97 
4th Tone & Slim For Weight Loss $9.98 
4th Trapped In The Closet: The Big Package - Chapters 1-20 $19.98 
4th Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume One - Episodes 1-20 (Full Screen) $19.98 
4th Un Hombre Peligroso (Set) $7.98 
4th Una Bella Navidad Para La Fea Mas Bella $9.98 
4th Uncensored Battling Chix $13.95 
4th Wagner: Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Set) $139.99 
4th Grindhouse Double Shock Show: Wars of the Robots / It's Aliv $7.98 
4th Way Cool Science Series: Biotrackers $14.98 
4th Way Cool Science: Rockfiders $14.98 
4th Werewolf: The Devil's Hound (Widescreen) $14.98 
4th When Nietzsche Wept $7.99 
4th The White Orchid $7.98 
4th Will & Grace: Season Seven $19.98 
4th The Wire: The Complete Fourth Season $39.98 
4th Witchblade Volume 3 $29.98 
4th WWII: Nazi Concentration Camps / Nuremburg Trials $7.98 
4th WWII: War In The Pacific Volume 1 $7.98 
4th WWII: War In The Pacific Volume 2 $7.98 
4th Yoga Zone: For Beginners Only $14.98 
7th Golfers Platinum Collection (Set) $34.98 
11th 48 Angels $9.98 
11th 7 Murders For Scotland Yard $24.95 
11th The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit $32.99 
11th Allan Holdsworth $29.95 
11th Allen Rance Group: Front Row Live $14.97 
11th The Art of Playing with Brushes $29.95 
11th Bang Your Head Festival 2006 $22.97 
11th Beverly Hills 90210: The Third Season $22.99 
11th Big Love: The Complete Second Season (Widescreen) $39.98 
11th Bikini Bloodbath $14.95 
11th Blackmore's Night: Paris Moon (Music CD +) $24.99 
11th Born Killers (Widescreen) $14.98 
11th The Bourne Ultimatum (Widescreen) $14.98 
11th The Bourne Ultimatum (Full Screen) $14.98 
11th Brigham: Savage Journey $9.97 
11th Bugs! $14.98 
11th Camp Fire 2007: Part 1 $14.95 
11th Camp Fire 2007: Part 2 $14.95 
11th Camp Fire 2007: Part 3 $14.95 
11th Carole King: Welcome To My Living Room $14.98 
11th Celabration: Tribute to Ella Jenkins Live $14.97 
11th Celine Dion: A New Day, Live in Las Vegas $21.98 
11th Charles Tomlin: Si Mi Yah Live In London $14.95 
11th Christina Aguilera: Back To Basics Live and Down Under $16.98 
11th Classic Rock Drum Solos $29.95 
11th Cute & Curious College Party Girls $13.95 
11th Dave Matthews Band: Live At Piedmont Park $21.98 
11th Dirt: The Complete First Season $20.00 
11th The Dirty Grind $14.95 
11th The Divine Brown: Million Dollar Hooker $21.95 
11th DJ Qbert: Scratchlopedia Breaktannica 100 Secret Skratches $39.95 
11th Don Omar: Best Of The Best $8.98 
11th Dr. Jeffrey Thompson: Delta Sleep System $19.97 
11th Emanuelle, Queen Of The Desert $9.95 
11th Everybody Wants To Kill Me $24.95 
11th Fernandez Alejandro: Historia $9.98 
11th Footsteps of Christ (Collector's Edition) $16.98 
11th Framed For Murder (Full Screen) $14.98 
11th Frasier: The Tenth Season $28.99 
11th Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 5: Cost of Living $19.98 
11th Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 6: Captured Souls $19.98 
11th Gladiators Seven $9.95 
11th Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.: The Third Season $20.99 
11th Goosebumps: The 2007 Phillies Video Yearbook $24.97 
11th Gunslinger Girl: Viridian Collection (Boxed Set) $39.98 
11th Hardcore $24.95 
11th Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Widescreen Includes Collector's Cards) $14.96 
11th Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets $14.98 
11th Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire $14.98 
11th Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Widescreen) $14.96 
11th Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix $14.98 
11th Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban $14.98 
11th Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (Widescreen Includes Collector's Cards) $14.96 
11th Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (Widescreen Includes Collector's Cards) $14.96 
11th Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone $14.98 
11th Harry Potter Interactive DVD Game: Hogwarts Challenge $24.98 
11th Harry Potter: Years 1-5 $124.88 
11th Harry Potter: Years 1-5 (Gift Set) $119.97 
11th High School Musical 2 (Extended Edition) $14.99 
11th Hoodz: C-Murder $19.95 
11th Larry the Cable Guy: Christmas Spectacular $19.95 
11th Latitude Zero $19.98 
11th Lights, Action, Music $9.98 
11th Lost: The Complete Third Season - The Unexplored Experience $29.99 
11th Lost: The Complete Third Season - The Unexplored Experience $49.99 
11th Mario's Story $9.98 
11th Masters of Horror: Season 1, Volume 4 $19.97 
11th Masters of Horror: The V Word $14.98 
11th Maurice Jarre: A Tribute to David Lean (Music CD +) $19.97 
11th Metal Church: Dynamo Classic Concerts 1991 $14.99 
11th Monitorpop Number 1: Contemporary Culture $24.97 
11th National Geographic: Inside the Living Body $19.97 
11th Natural Horsemanship: De-Mystifying The Round Pen $39.99 
11th Natural Horsemanship: Insights Into Holistic Horsemanship $34.99 
11th Natural Horsemanship: Overcoming Obstacles Through Communica $34.99 
11th Natural Horsemanship: Uncovering the Art of Long-Lining $34.99 
11th Outgroove: Virtual Singularity $19.97 
11th A Perfect Day (Widescreen) $9.99 
11th Pinks $29.95 
11th Rent $19.99 
11th The Rocket $22.99 
11th Seven Witches: Years of the Witch $14.97 
11th Silence Is Deadly: Living with Hepatitis C $19.95 
11th Slayers Season 2 $29.98 
11th Street Ambassadors $14.95 
11th Styx: Caught In The Act $19.98 
11th Tenchi Muyo GXP Box Set (Boxed Set) $49.98 
11th Trouble: Live In Stockholm $16.99 
11th Two-Lane Blacktop (Criterion Collection) $39.95 
11th Undead or Alive $9.98 
11th The Undertaker & His Pals $9.95 
11th Vashawn Mitchell & Friends: Promises $9.97 
11th Voices of Unity: Together In Worship $14.97 
11th Where Were They Triple Feature (Triple Feature) $19.95 
11th The Windy City Incident $29.95 
18th The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume 2, The War Yea (Full Screen) $49.99 
18th Alien Apocalypse (New Box Art) $9.98 
18th Balls of Fury (Widescreen) $9.99 
18th Biggest Loser: Cardio Max (Full Screen) $14.98 
18th Biggest Loser: Power Sculpt (Full Screen) $14.98 
18th Boy Eats Girl (Widescreen) $14.98 
18th Bring It On: In It to Win It (Widescreen) $14.98 
18th Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease: In the Bedroom $16.99 
18th Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip $16.99 
18th Chameleon Street $26.99 
18th Comedy Express Presents: Adam Hunter $9.98 
18th The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron (Widescreen) $6.99 
18th David Leadbetter Collection Series: Volume 1 $24.98 
18th David Leadbetter Collection Series: Volume 2 (Set) $24.98 
18th Death Note Volume 2 (Limited Edition) $39.97 
18th Denise Austin: Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast $14.98 
18th Escape To Canada $19.98 
18th The Evil Dead (Ultimate Edition) $24.97 
18th The Furious $9.95 
18th Ghost In The Shell: Individual Eleven $14.98 
18th Grandes Actrices (Full Screen) $9.98 
18th Grandes Comediantes Vol. 3 (Full Screen) $12.98 
18th Halloween (Special Edition) $6.95 
18th Halloween (Director's Cut) $6.95 
18th Hatchet (R Rated Version) $14.98 
18th Hatchet (Unrated) $14.98 
18th Hottest Housewife $9.99 
18th I Don't Want To Be Born $24.95 
18th Illegal Tender $9.99 
18th Invasion (Widescreen) $14.98 
18th Lady Caroline Lamb $24.95 
18th The Last Legion (Widescreen) $6.95 
18th Legend Of Dinosaurs & Monster Birds $19.98 
18th Look: Body Sculpt $9.99 
18th Look: Cardio Boot Camp $9.99 
18th Look: Complete Weight Loss $9.99 
18th Look: Target Toning $9.99 
18th The Man with the Screaming Brain (New Box Art) $9.98 
18th Mighty Machines: Boats to the Rescue! $6.99 
18th Miguel Bose: Papitour $22.99 
18th Miguel Diaz: Anga Mania $24.95 
18th Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project (Collector's Edition) $9.95 
18th National Treasure (Special Edition) $19.99 
18th Once (Widescreen) $9.98 
18th Princess Princess Collection $24.98 
18th The Reincarnate $14.95 
18th Rica 3: Juvenile's Lullaby $29.95 
18th School Rumble Volume 4 $29.98 
18th Shakira: Oral Fixation Volumes 1 & 2 (Deluxe Edition) $29.98 
18th The Simpsons Movie (Widescreen) $14.98 
18th The Simpsons Movie (Full Screen) $14.98 
18th The Simpsons Movie $19.99 
18th Sonic Underground: The Queen Aleena Chronicles $6.99 
18th Star Trainers: Ab Blast $14.98 
18th Star Trainers: Cardio $14.98 
18th Star Trainers: Strength $14.98 
18th Super Mario Bros: Once Upon A Koopa $6.99 
18th Surveillance $14.98 
18th TED: The Future We Will Create $26.95 
18th They Call Her Trouble $9.99 
18th Three 6 Mafia: Adventures In Hollyhood $14.98 
18th Tool: Vicarious $12.98 
18th Trinity Blood Volume 3 $19.98 
18th Trinity Blood Volume 4 $19.98 
18th Underdog $6.25 
18th Underdog $15.99 
18th Underdog: The Ultimate Collection (Set) $12.93 
18th Yu Yu Hakusho Episodes 99-112: Eight Finalist $34.98 
19th Crank $14.99 
19th Kiss: Kissology Vol. 3 1992-2000 $36.98 
21st Rush Hour 3 $14.97 
21st Rush Hour 3 $5.97 
26th American Pie Presents: Beta House (Widescreen Unrated) $12.98 
26th Ballroom $29.95 
26th Beads of One Rosary $29.95 
26th Eastern Promises (Widescreen) $12.98 
26th Galactica 1980: The Complete Series $29.98 
26th Harry Langdon Collection (Set) $39.95 
26th Hemlock $29.95 
26th How I Unleashed WWII Volume 1 (Subtitled) $24.95 
26th James Brown $19.99 
26th The Kingdom (Widescreen) $14.98 
26th Lee Miller: Through The Mirror $29.95 
26th Living & Dying (Widescreen) $9.97 
26th Maximum Cage Fighting (Widescreen) $6.99 
26th Men In The Nude (Subtitled) $29.95 
26th Miracle Dogs Too $9.99 
26th Our Folks (Subtitled) $24.95 
26th Pan's Labyrinth $19.98 
26th Paradise Texas (Widescreen) $9.99 
26th Robin B Hood $12.97 
26th Shattered (Widescreen) $14.98 
26th Two Laws $29.95 
26th Veggie Tales Blueberry / Esther The Girl Who Would Be Queen (Double Feature) $12.99 
26th Veggie Tales Larry Boy & The Fib / Larry Boy & The Rumor Wee (Double Feature) $12.99 
26th Veggie Tales Sheerluck Holmes & The Golden Rule / Balled Of (Double Feature) $12.99 
26th WWE: Survivor Series 2007 $24.95 
26th WWE: The Best of Raw 15th Anniversary $14.95 
31st Bollywood Burn With Hemalayaa $14.99 
31st Confronting Iraq $24.95 
31st Ganked (New Box Art) $14.99 
31st Goodfellas $19.98 
31st Hopla: Spend the Day with Hopla $3.99 
31st Indie Sex $29.95 
31st Jimmy and Judy (Unrated) $9.98 
31st Karen Voight: Lean Legs & Buttq $9.98 
31st Karen Voight: Quick & Slim $12.98 
31st Karen Voight: Slim Toning On A Ball $12.98 
31st Karen Voight: Yoga Power $12.98 
31st Les Grands Ballets De Tahiti: Magic of Polynesian Dance $13.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Arthritis $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Back Pain $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Diabetes $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Fibromyalgia $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Heart Health $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: High Blood Pressure $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Insomnia $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Irritable Bowel Syndrome $19.98 
31st Mayo Clinic: Weight Loss $19.98 
31st Pocoyo: Pocoyo & Friends $6.99 
31st Resident Evil $19.99 
31st Resident Evil: Extinction (Widescreen Special Edition) $14.99 
31st Resident Evil: Extinction $19.99 
31st seaQuest DSV: Season Two $34.98 
31st September Dawn (Widescreen) $9.99 
31st Shoot 'Em Up $5.97 
31st Shoot 'Em Up $14.98 
31st Strong Body, Ageless Body: With Erin O'Brien $14.99 
31st Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin $39.98 
31st Timeless Tales: Easter In Bunnyland $4.98 
31st Timeless Tales: Goldilocks & The Three Bears $4.98 
31st Hans & Silver Skates $4.98 
31st Timeless Tales: Joseph & The Coat of Many Colors $4.98 
31st Timeless Tales: Jungle Girl and the Island of Lost Dinosaurs $4.95 
31st Timeless Tales: Puss N' Boots $4.95 
31st Timeless Tales: Silent Night $4.98 
31st Timeless Tales: The Emperor's New Clothes $4.95 
31st Timeless Tales: The Little Drummer Boy $4.98 
31st Timeless Tales: The Pied Piper of Hamlin $4.95 
31st Timeless Tales: Thumbelina $4.95 
31st Transforming Energy $24.95 
31st The Tudors: The Complete First Season $23.99 
31st War (Full Screen) $9.98 
31st War (Widescreen) $9.98 
31st War $14.99 

Bold titles indicate prominent releases

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