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Fans sign petition to 'Feed Lindsay'

Posted July 9, 2005 at 12:18 AM CST

By Tim Briscoe

Jason Cage has some advice for Lindsay Lohan: eat something. The radio DJ has started a web site to encourage the young actress to go back to her image as a curvy redhead instead of the skin-and-bones blonde she's become.

His FeedLindsay.com site features an open petition to the starlet. As of this posting, over 14,000 signatures have been added to Jason's plea. "To: Lindsay, We urge you Lindsay to please, pick up a sandwich and eat it, or ice cream, or any food that might put those oh so cute pounds back on," the petition reads.

Just as the recently popular FreeKatie.net, Cage's site offers t-shirts and the like with phrases like "Heroin chic went out in the '90s" and the obvious "Feed Lindsay".

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