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Bradley Cooper rocks dreadlocks in new 'Hit & Run' trailer

Posted May 16, 2012 at 11:51 AM CDT

By Tim Briscoe

I've watched the trailer for the action-comedy Hit & Run a few times now. My only takeaway is Bradley Cooper's hair. The handsome son-of-a-bitch best known for The Hangover has committed one of the few cardinal sins concerning hair: a white guy with dreadlocks.

When should a Caucasian person opt for the dreadlocks hairstyle? Let me check my calendar... Uh, yeah, never. It's not a good look. And, really, unless you're super cool like Bob Marley or Lenny Kravitz, unkempt dreads are not the way to go.

Give the trailer a watch and see what you think:

Flipping the dreadlocks aside for a second, this is not a bad trailer. I like Dax Shepard. I like Kristen Bell. They make a cute real-life couple and they seem to have good chemistry on-screen as well. That being said, if the most notable thing about the trailer is someone's hair, then you might have problems.

Of course we can't pass judgment on Hit & Run until it hits theaters on Aug. 24. Shepard wrote the script and co-directed the film. Let us know what you think of this trailer.

On a final note, I confess that my disdain for white dude dreads is probably motivated by my jealousy. I am, as they say, follicly challenged. That leads me to the other cardinal sin of man hairdom: possessing a full head of hair and shaving it completely bald. Why on earth would any guy do that?

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