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2012 Film Olympics: The second one is so much better

Posted August 10, 2012 at 3:01 PM CDT

By John Couture

Yesterday was one of those glorious moments if you were a fan of USA's women team sports at the Olympics. It was even better if you are big proponent of DVR technology.

The women's gold medal matches for soccer and water polo were played almost concurrently and the United States had a team in each one. Interestingly, I'm only really a soccer fan when the World Cup pops up every four years of during the Olympics. At any other time, I wouldn't even know that the sport existed.

As for water polo, we only get to see it during the Olympics, but I hear that there are professional leagues in that mythical place called Europe. I'm skeptical though because they also say that there's team handball leagues there, but I know that team handball is like curling. They are the hipster sports of the Olympics that only see the light of day every four years.

They are sort of like cicadas, but far less annoying and noisy. Interestingly, the all light shiny objects and loud noises, but I digress.

I was able to queue up both matches on my DVR and watch them back-to-back, sort of like watching a movie and then immediately watching its sequel. The only difference is that unlike most sequels, this one did not suck at all.

That got me to thinking that maybe there are other sequels that didn't suck, or at least sucked less than other sequels. Here, then, are the medal winners in the category of sequels that do not suck (or at least do not suck as much as most sequels).


The Dark Knight is certainly the youngest sequel to find its way onto the podium, but it is truly deserving. They say that all good sequels become great with the passage of time. If this is true, then what do great sequels become?

I stand by my assertion that this is the greatest comic book movie of all-time. It just happens to be a sequel, so kudos for them.


You know, it's funny. Earlier in the week I was being chastised that Star Wars wasn't winning enough medals. Well, this times it's The Empire Strikes Back winning its second medal and the third overall for the original Star Wars trilogy.

We all know that the prequel trilogy doesn't count, therefore it was ineligible to win any awards. The rumor is that Jar Jar Binks failed his drug test, but you didn't hear it from me. What else is there to say? The Empire Strikes Back would be the greatest sequel ever if it wasn't for...


When it comes to sequels, The Godfather Part II made us an offer that we couldn't refuse. Veiled threats of getting the "Kiss of Death" from Michael Corleone aside, this sequel is a horse's head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

The first movie was great, but The Godfather Part II may be the best film of all time, sequel or otherwise. While I knew that these three medal winners were in a class by themselves, I thought it would be more difficult to choose between them. In the end, this film just wanted the gold more.

Heading into the final weekend, Warner Bros. eeks out a slim advantage over the competition, but the top spot probably won't be decided until the very last competition is held.

Make sure you come back tomorrow when we get 3514{a little bit out there.

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