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Edie Falco

Age: 51
Born: July 5, 1963
Long Island, New York

Did You Know?

  • Edie's parents are jazz drummer Frank Falco and actress Judith Loney.
  • Edie graduated from State University of New York Purchase after studying acting.
  • Before getting her first real acting roles, Edie worked at a clown and other characters at parties.
  • Edie calls working on the set of 'The Sopranos' a "Pavlovian experience" because she seems to forget she's a terrible cook, housekeeper and that she has no experience as a wife or a mother in real life.
  • Edie has two brothers and one sister.
  • Edie dates actor/director John Devlin.
  • Edie is most known for her role as Carmela Soprano in the HBO series, 'The Sopranos.'
  • QUOTE: "It takes so long for me to get ready on the set, it's hysterical. I show up in my Birkenstocks and shorts and two hours later come out looking like Carmela. I have to glue the fingernails on, the hair -- a whole big production.╩What could be more fun for an actor than to play someone very different, physically?" (Edie on the "style" differences between herself and Carmela).

Actor Credits

  1. Nurse Jackie: Season Five (2014)
  2. Nurse Jackie: Season Four (2013)
  3. Nurse Jackie: Season Three (2012)
  4. Nurse Jackie: Season Two (2011)
  5. 3 Backyards (2011)
  6. Nurse Jackie: Season One (2010)
  7. Then She Found Me (2008)
  8. The Sopranos: The Complete Series (2008)
  9. Will & Grace: Season Six (2007)
  10. The Sopranos: Season Six, Part II (2007)
  11. The Quiet (2006)  [See the Image Gallery]
  12. The Great New Wonderful (2006)
  13. Freedomland (2006)  [See the Image Gallery]
  14. The Sopranos: Season Six, Part I (2006)
  15. The Sopranos: The Complete Fifth Season (2005)
  16. The Sopranos: The Complete First Three Seasons (2003)
  17. The Sopranos: The Complete Fourth Season (2003)
  18. The Sopranos: The Complete First Four Seasons (2003)
  19. Sunshine State (2002)
  20. The Sopranos: The Complete Third Season (2002)
  21. The Sopranos: The Complete Second Season (2001)
  22. Judy Berlin (2000)
  23. The Sopranos: The Complete First Season (2000)
  24. A Price Above Rubies (1998)
  25. The Sunshine Boys (1997)
  26. Hurricane (1997)
  27. Trouble On The Corner (1997)
  28. Cost Of Living (1997)
  29. Breathing Room (1996)
  30. Layin' Low (1996)
  31. Breathing Room (1996)
  32. The Addiction (1995)
  33. Laws Of Gravity (1992)
  34. Trust (1990)

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