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Catherine Bell

Age: 45
Born: August 14, 1968
London, England

Did You Know?

  • She moved with her Iranian mother from England to California when she was only two.
  • Went to UCLA with the intention of studying Biology. She dropped out to become a model.
  • She is reportedly the first person ever to correctly predict the teams, the winner and the final score before the NFL season began. Her prognostication came as part of a survey done by Sporting News of numerous celebrities in 2001. Catherine picked the Patriots over the Rams by a score of 20-17.
  • In her twenties, doctors discovered a cancer on her thyroid gland. She subsequently had it removed from her neck.

Movie Highlights

Death Becomes Her (1992)
Catherine was Isabella Rossellini's nude body double in this movie.

Actor Credits

  1. The Good Witch's Garden (2014)
  2. The Good Witch's Gift (2014)
  3. Army Wives: The Complete Seventh Season (2013)
  4. Army Wives: Season Six, Part Two (2012)
  5. Last Man Standing (2012)
  6. Army Wives: Season Six, Part One (2012)
  7. Army Wives: The Complete Fifth Season (2011)
  8. Army Wives: The Complete Third Season (2010)
  9. Still Small Voices (2010)
  10. JAG: The Final Season (2010)
  11. Army Wives: The Complete Fourth Season (2010)
  12. JAG: The Eighth Season (2009)
  13. Army Wives: The Complete Second Season (2009)
  14. JAG: The Ninth Season (2009)
  15. JAG: The Fifth Season (2008)
  16. The Good Witch (2008)
  17. Army Wives: The Complete First Season (2008)
  18. JAG: The Complete Third Season (2007)
  19. The Triangle (2006)
  20. Bruce Almighty (2003)
  21. Thrill Seekers (1999)
  22. Cab To Canada (1998)
  23. Crash Dive (1996)
  24. Men Of War (1995)

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